Monday, October 19, 2009

When Is A Monster A Bully

As reported widely in the news, Hansen Beverage Co., the maker of Monster Energy Drinks has contacted a small craft brewery with a trademark warning letter demanding Rock Art Brewery stop advertising, promoting and selling its Vermonster craft beer because of the name similarities, according to the Associated Press.

Hansen also is asking for compensation for attorneys’ fees. WTF!

Check it out!

Now I don't know about you but if I was selling 1 billion(1000 million) dollars worth of energy drinks a year, I'd hardly be concerned with a small craft beer maker that uses a no-so-even-close-name as my own... Vermonster... Monster... Oh yeah, must be the same outfit! NOT!

Is the corporate world gone crazy or what? Do these corporate type marketers realize that this kind of behaviour is going to backfire or do they even give a shit.

Considering Hansen doesn't make anything, as far as I am aware, it's all manufactured by other companies, they also have a distribution deal with Anheuser-Bush. I guess all they do there is market the product, and defend the brand from dilution against attempts from other powerhouse marketers, such as Rock Art Brewery, the folks that actually make Vermonster craft Beer themselves.

I guess they are so busy at Hansen Beverage Company building reputable brands, they don't have time to look under their feet at who they're trying to crush! You talk about going viral in a totally wrong direction. I hope it bites them in the ass!

This Is When A Monster Is A Bully!

Anyway, I am not the only one thinking it's deplorable - Monster Energy Drink, May You Go Bank-Fucking-Rupt.

Update - Monster Energy Drink And Hansen Have Forgotten America | Monster Energy Drink Vs Rock Art Brewery and Vermonster Beer, Round #2

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And Liss is having a say about ROCK ART BREWERY vs Corporate America – The Biggest Scam of All!

More alarming is the Monster Energy Drink Side Effects.

And it doesn't stop there!

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It seems as though more bloggers are not impressed as seen with Monster Energy Drink Sucks The Life Out of Small Businesses, and Monster Energy Drink Attacks Vermont Beer

And here is a question worth asking - Hey Monster – Who’s the Noob Now?

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And this from Online Stock Trading - The Rock Art Brewery Vermonster Barleywine Real Beer Monster Mash.

Update October 21st

If Hansen tries to hide behind a I-have-to-protect-my-brand bullshit argument, I hope the customers that drink the energetic swill will take notice and switch to another brand.

It's also reprehensible to engage in such tactics and then expect the tiny tiny company you're attacking TO PAY FOR THE LITIGATION!!!

Here is a link to Vermonster.

So here is my question - If you drink Monster, would you send the company an email stating you will stop drinking Monster until the company stops this ridiculous action? Or even better CALL THEM - Monster Energy Drink at 1-800-426-7367

In the mean time and between time - Don't the Executives at Hansen have anything better to do?

There's a poll you can participate in if you think the folks at Monster are Slimeballs or Not.

You can sign a petition and Tell Corporate America that you will not Tolerate the Bullying of Small Companies

Follow Rock Art Brewery on Twitter

Why you should boycott Monster Energy Drink

join the Facebook group Vermonters and Craft Beer Drinkers Against Monster Energy

Response from Mark Hall, President of Monster Beverage on Facebook

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Years for Bush Shoe Throw

Three years for Bush Shoe Throw represents a pretty high priced pair of shoes.
This is So funny... I feel sorry for the guy but what can you say. Throw your shoes today and get three years in jail... unbelievable!

I think I would keep my shoes on at that price.

This shoe throwing thing seems to be gaining in popularity these days. Someone pisses you off!
Throw a pair of size 10s at em! Get 3 years in jail. oops

I think there is a better way to protest... maybe write a letter... what do you think?

Shoe Throw or write a letter?

I wonder what George W Bush thinks of 3 years for the infraction.

So here's my question:
Is 3 years proper punishment for the old Bush Shoe Throw?
Leave a comment and let me know!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enter at Your Own Risk | Shoe Zone

Welcome to the Shoe Zone. You know, like the no mans land in a frickin' war.

A protester threw an shoe at Wen Jiabao, the Chinese Prime Minister, as he was giving a speech at the Cambridge University Concert Hall yesterday.

Are Shoes turning into weapons of protest or what!

I kinda' like Mens Shoes, any kind really. I can't see myself throwing them at someone even if I was pissed-off at them. Bit of a waste of good shoes really. 

I wonder if these protesting nutcases miss their footwear after?
It seem to me that there is an Increase in Shoe Throwing. Ah, who really cares. 
It's really a stupid effort when you consider these guys never hit the target anyway. It's a bit silly to get arrested for missing, but there you have it!  It's just a continuation of the old bush shoe throw.

It wasn't that long ago that an angry journalist whipped a size 10 shoe at then President George Bush.

So here's my question: Should Shoe Throwing be only used for Heads of State or is anybody fair game?
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps | Olympic Swimmer Caught on Tape.

Ok, so Michael Phelps the most winning Olympic Swimmer of all time was 
Caught on Tape smoking something in a bong. 
Then he apologizes for smoking Dope! 

Aside from the admission of guilt, which he should have never made, 
this story is hardly news worthy.

SO WHAT! WHO CARES! I don't give a shit if he smokes pot and this would not have been an issue if it had not been widely publicised. It would have been a different thing if this had happened prior to the Games but it didn't  and he passed all testing.

What I do care about is the media shining a light on this and pretending that it is news. 
Slow day on the presses I guess.

Hey! The New President of the United States of America made it widely known before he was elected that he smoked the weeds and drank too much beer and I didn't hear or see ANY fallout in the press. Good Grief!

So now, Michael Phelps - a World Class Athlete who is a true Olympic Hero, has a little fun and the press is all over it like a wet rag. Go figure!

And here's my question: Do you care Michael Phelps he smoked a little pot or not?
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Watch The "We Are One" Concert! President-elect Barack Obama!

Watch The "We Are One" Concert! President-elect Barack Obama!

You'll never see an Inauguration Concert like this again. Great stuff!
You can see it at the HBO We Are One Concert.

Barack Obama is Almost In! 

The parents of Barack Obama would surely be proud. 
I think the whole world is proud.

So, George W. Bush is OUT, and Barack Obama is to be sworn-in on Tuesday. Looks like there's gonna be a big change in Washington but what does it all mean for the rest of the world?

During the Presidency of George W. Bush Americans witnessed the worst terrorist attack on US soil in its history. How did George W. Bush handle it? I guess that will be decided by historians but most Americans believe his term in office was mired in deception.

Will Barack Obama be able to uplift the stature of the USA in the world? Who knows! Can he do any worse than the previous administration? Maybe not.

So as the Obama Train pulls into Washington to take his place as The First African American President in the History of America the whole world is watching with baited breath.

Meanwhile the Gaza Strip is a hotbed of violence, Iraq is, according to George W. Bush, a democracy, and Afghanistan is still a warzone. Looks like Barack Obama has his hands full.

If you want to understand more about these men and their place in history, learn more about George W. Bush and learn more about Barack Obama Biography. It's where you'll get the facts about Barack Obama

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Osama bin Laden is calling for jihad.

Osama bin Laden is calling for jihad. In an audio tape released on several militant websites today the author of 911 is calling a jihad for all Muslims against the State of Israel.

Calling for jihad is nothing new for bin Laden as we all know, but this audio tape is running over pictures. Strange as seems people in-the-know say it sounds like bin Laden. I suppose!

Gaza is still under attack and cities all over the world are hosting demonstrations for the Palestinian or the Israelis sometimes getting quite nasty. It seems they both hate each other and who knows what will end it. 

So the headline is: Bin Laden Calls for Jihad Against Israel for Gaza Offensive (Audio).

So here is my question: Do you believe Osama bin Laden is dead or alive?

It hardly makes a difference. He can still incite militant Islamists against the whole world.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hillary Clinton before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senator Hillary Clinton, soon to be Secretary of State, is before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee today and says the United States has to address Israel's security needs and the Palestinians' aspirations for a state of their own.

Is the Senate Foreign Relations Committee going to actually scrutinize Senator Clinton for this post or is it a done deal?
Take a wild guess... DONE DEAL!

As for the Gaza situation there is very little Foreign Relations taking place.

Meanwhile the bombs keep falling, the bullets keep flying, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee can sit around rubber stamping the good Senator from New York State that was almost President of the United States of America.

In any event, the statement is as innocuous as can be. Yes, why not just state the obvious and have everyone in Senate Foreign Relations Committee  do absolutely nothing to try and rectify the situation.

Sounds like Business as Usual to me! Someone needs to do something about the situation NOW. Not in a week or a month. 

So here's my question: What will the incoming US President DO about the Palestinians and the Israelis or is that a question everyone will continue to evade?

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Democracy coming to Iraq.

Well it's about time. If you believe it.
I view the whole situation as a bad joke.

Sure, the violence is not as bad as it was,
but what does that prove? Humm!

I guess real democracy in Iraq will happen if there is
real equality between all the different factions 
of Iraqi society.

Anyway, I won't hold my breath yet, but it's 
a good thing for the Americans to get out of there!

Considering that they should have never been there,
it IS a step in the right direction.

But I have a question: 
Are the Iraqis really ready to control their country
and will it really be what we call Democracy?

Probably NOT!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year From Canada!


I hope everyone is enjoying New Years Day!
As you can see it's enough to freeze your....
Well, ya' know what I mean!

Hopefully we can all look forward to a happy
and prosperous 2009.  I know I'll be working 
as hard as I can to evade the wolves at the door 
and I know you will be too.

2008 was a wild ride of a year financially, 
socially, and politically  all over world. 
However, today is for hope, peace, and 
stability everywhere on this little blue planet 
that we all call home.

As you can see above, Chucky 
the squirrel is asking the question today!

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Happy New Year!